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  1. Why Subaru needs to put a dual-clutch transmission in the STI

    What is a DSG Transmission

    The Subaru WRX

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  2. The S209 STI is $63,995 - So what does this mean?

    After a long wait, the sticker price for the STI S209 has been announced, and it is $63,995. This is before any dealer markup, which is pretty much

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  3. World Time Attack Challenge 2019

    WTAC Line-Up


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  4. A new Toyota/Subaru 86 that will "Surpass the Supra"?

    It has been about 6 years now since the BRZ/FR-S/FT86 platform debuted and in the last year or so there have been an increasing amount of rumors that

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  5. Subaru Announces New Platforms For WRX, STI

    Subaru Announces New Platforms For WRX, STI

    There are reports coming out of Japan that we have seen in

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