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Boomba Racing is an automotive performance parts manufacturing company located in Wood Dale, Illinois. We have been manufacturing performance car parts for several years, but up until 2004 we had been privately labeling them for other companies. Recently, we have decided to market our products under our own name.

Professional engineers, who use state-of-the art 3D solid modeling software, design all of our parts in-house. Even during the design process, all parts go through the variety of stress tests and simulations performed by sophisticated engineering analysis programs. All of these procedures drastically shorten our design to market time and let us know if the part will perform as expected.

All components are also manufactured in-house using top of the line computer numerical controlled machinery. Prototype parts are tested on real cars before they hit the market. We work closely with local performance shops during product development to get the optimal results and valuable user comments before releasing any product.

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