Carry On Trailer - Oregon Trail Rally 2008

Carry On Trailer - Oregon Trail Rally 2008


A Rally Race is just as much a competition of speed as it is a war of attrition. It isn’t enough to be the fastest through a stage. The Driver has to make sure that the car is fast, and the team has to keep the car operating at its best, no matter what the course throws at you, so that it can cross the finish line. And this challenge isn’t over in a few minutes, or a few hours. Rally Races take place over two to three days, in all weather conditions.

A Rally Race is a challenge unlike any other motor sport, and each event has its own story that unfolds from one stage to the next until the champion is crowned at the finish.

In 2008, the Flatirons Rally team decided to bring a documentary film maker with them to the Oregon Trail Rally to document the race. Along the way, we got some insight into what it is about this sport that continues to draw in new competitors and spectators alike.

Below is the trailer to the 33 minute documentary: