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Founded in the early 1991 by multiple RAC winner and British Rally Champion Roger Clark MBE, Roger Clark Motorsports is one of the UK's (and for that matter, global rally's) premier motorsport and product development specialists and tuners. They specialize in the Impreza package (the car-of-choice for their unparalleled Gobstopper cars, featured more below), and have passed on these high-performance components to the consumer market. On top of parts sales, they still perform work on customer cars, covering everything from a basic oil change to custom engine builds in their immaculate warehouse space. We are incredibly proud to be one of the only U.S. distributors able to offer these exceptional Roger Clark Motorsports parts.

Roger Clark Motorsports

RCM Directors Matt and Olly Clark are the driving forces (quite literally in Olly's case; he's the driver of the Gobstopper I and Gobstopper II cars) behind Roger Clarks innvovation. The two brothers, along with a team of an additional six people, make up the very efficient and effective Roger Clark team based out of Hinckley, UK.

While their parts are most impressive, Roger Clark is probably best known for their "Gobstopper" Rally Cars, winners of more than a handful of rallies and Time Attacks. Read more below on the Gobstopper I and it's successor, the Gobstopper II (the Gobstopper III is in-the-works, but little is known about this third iteration at this point).

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Gobstopper I Race Car

"No Compromise." - Speedhunters, 2009

Since it's debut in 2006, the Gobstopper car by Roger Clark Motorsports has been tearing up tracks and breaking records. Matt Clark, one of the Directors of Roger Clark, built and developed the car while Olly Clark, another Director and brother to Matt, drives it. These two were an unstoppable duo with their Gobstopper I Impreza, and have been continuing that tradition with the Gobstopper II (Gobstopper III is in-the-works, but little is known about it at this point).


  • Model: Subaru Impreza Type R Version VI shell, seam-welded w/ WRC-type widened arches
  • Engine: 2.0 litre EJ20 closed-block, featuring RCMS (Roger Clark Motorsports) Billet crankshaft, forged pistons, one-off dry sump system, WRX O-rings; Nitrous Oxide injection system; GT4094 Turbo
  • Horsepower: 850bhp
  • Transmission: 6-speed, sequential paddle shift system, with modified Subaru case and RCMS clutch.
  • Suspension: WRX spec with Ohlins fully-adjustable dampers
  • Chasis: 2000 spec Impreza, stripped and re-fettled by RCMS, with a custom T45 steel welded-in roll cage; carbon-fiber bumpers, doors, front wings, and rear spoiler
  • ECU: M800 Motec ECU
  • Wiring/Electronics: custom by Roger Clark Motorsports

Read more about the Gobstopper I build


  • "Ten of the Best" Winner (2007)
  • "Ten of the Best" Winner (2008)
  • "Time Attack" Champion (2007)
  • "Time Attack" Champion (2008)



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Gobstopper II Race Car

After debuting the wildly-successful Gobstopper I in 2006, Roger Clark Motorsports rolled out its successor, the Gobstopper II, in 2010. Among other updates, the Gobstopper II got a brand new body shell from Prodrive, one of the last remaining bodies from the World Rally Programme after Subaru pulled out of the WRC championship.

See pictures of the Gobstopper II build

Some of the other modifications the Gobstopper II underwent (when compared to the Gobstopper I) were:

  • Custom rollcage fabrication w/ Tig welding
  • Wheel tubs for flexibility in wheel diameter and ride height
  • Custom top mounts
  • Air jack mounting tubes and rear subframe mounts
  • New center tunnel to house exhaust system above floor
  • Compartment (where rear seats would have been) to house electronics and fuel cell
  • New tunnel in bulkhead for exhaust downpipe to exit opposite side of where it was intended
  • Holes in chassis legs for easy spark plug removal
  • Removal of excess material, with swagged holes to improve strength and rigidity
  • New custom wire harness


  • "Time Attack" Champion (2014)
  • "Goodwood Festival of Speed" Winner (2015)
  • "Goodwood Festival of Speed" Winner (2016)

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Gobstopper II in Action: 2014 Time Attack

In its debut season in 2014, the Gobstopper II won the UK Time Attack Pro Extreme Championship, earning a total of 690 points (out of a maximum of 750), winning the championship by a decisive margin of 70 points. Roger Clark Motorsports was very proud of their debut-season win, and are looking to take the lessons they learned from this season to develop their newest iteration, the Gobstopper III.

Gobstopper 2 by Roger Clark Motorsports

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Gobstopper III Race Car

The Gobstopper III has been announced, but little is known about this successor to the very successful Gobstopper II. We'll keep this page updated as we get more information, but here's what we know about the GS3 so far:

  • Full tubular space-frame chassis
  • Custom in-board suspension
  • 50:50 weight distribution
  • Carbon brake kit

For more information, check out this exclusive first-look video from Alex Bones, where he speaks with Olly Clark about the Gobstopper III, who claims that the Gobstopper III will be "radically different."


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Flatirons Tuning and Roger Clark Motorsports

We at Flatirons Tuning are incredibly proud to be one of the only North American distributors of Roger Clark Motorsports. You can check out their parts that we sell on our Roger Clark parts page. As always, if you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our Live Chat, call us at (303) 402-5142, or e-mail us at flatironstuning@flatironsimports.com.


Photos courtesy of RogerClarkMotorsport.co.uk.