Schaeffer's #266 Citrol Citrus Cleaner & Industrial Degreaser

  • Rapid penetration of built-up grease, dirt, grime, oil, inks and rubber
  • Fast grease and soil cutting action
  • Wetting and removal of soils from the surface being cleaned
  • A high degree of solvency
  • Excellent oil rejecting properties
  • Excellent removal of heavy greases, carbonized oils, oily deposits, tar, asphalt and bituminous deposits
  • Protection of metal surfaces from rusting and corrosion during cleaning
  • Excellent rinseability and washability
  • Biodegradable and waste treatable
  • Contains no chlorinated or petroleum solvents
  • Non-caustic


Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants: synthetic motor oils, hydraulic fluids, and diesel fuel additives have achieved a world-class reputation for improving engine performance and fuel economy, but our diverse product line includes all types of industrial lubricants, industrial greases, and industrial oils as well as specialty items like our chain lubes and degreasers.

#266 Citrol Citrus Cleaner & Industrial Degreaser

Citrol is a safe, biodegradable degreaser with astonishing cleaning power. 


Fifteen seconds after pouring-and without rubbing-Citrol's powerful ingredients began to dissolve and lift the grease. Within one minute, the lubricant and grease began flowing down the (disconnected) drain. The competitor's did nothing, even when rubbed with a shop towel.

Citrol is a safe, biodegradable degreaser with astonishing cleaning power. It outperforms solvent, solvent emulsion and alkaline cleaners for removal of heavy greases, carbonized oils, gear lubes, grease buildups, oily deposits, tar and bituminous deposits. Equally effective in soak tanks, pressure spray, foam on and manual cleaning methods, or in high pressure cleaning applications outdoors. One of the few solvents tough enough to remove stubborn printer's ink

In the Shop: To degrease engines, transmissions, motors, housings, parts, floors, walls, and remove road tar and grime from trucks, dozers and tractors.

Replaces the need for vapor degreasing.

Citrol's advantages over other solvents:

  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally safe
  • Non-toxic
  • High solvency
  • Not regulated (when mixed with water)
  • High flash point

Citrol is a superior replacement for:

  • Hazardous solvents
  • Chlorinated solvents
  • Fluorocarbons
  • Aliphatic solvents

Dozens of ways to use Citrol:

  • As a parts degreaser
  • Use in pressure washers (but not steam cleaners)
  • Dissolves paraffin waxes
  • Removes ink for rollers and packaging machines
  • As a safety solvent
  • As a paint and lacquer thinner
  • For degreasing and cleaning plastics*
  • Dissolves glue and adhesives
  • Removes tar and bituminous deposits from asphalt plants and paving equipment
  • Removes road tar from cars and trucks*

#266 is USDA approved for use in non-edible food processing areas.

*Plastics, aluminum and painted surfaces: Spot test for discoloration and surface deterioration before using. Rinse immediately with water after use.

Caution: Always wash hands after use.

warning_symbolWARNING: Operating, servicing and maintaining a passenger vehicle or off-road vehicle can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust, carbon monoxide, phthalates, and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. To minimize exposure, avoid breathing exhaust, do not idle the engine except as necessary, service your vehicle in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves or wash your hands frequently when servicing your vehicle. For more information go to

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