SEMA 2006 - Day One

It is Halloween night here in Las Vegas and we are finishing off the last of today’s podcast. We had the privilege to conduct podcasts with Subaru, COBB and Cusco, which you will see in the following posts.

SEMA is the world’s largest trade show (3 Million Square Feet of Exhibit space all sold out!) We knew that before we got here, but we thought, how big could it be? Well, the answer is; take however big you think it is, and double it, and then double it again.... and that’s about half the show. To give you an idea, Brian took about 370 pictures, and this is just day one. We have put those up for you to look at, and we will have the first round of our podcast’s up as well. We had the privilege to interview Scott Brood from Cobb Tuning, Garrick Goh from Subaru Performance Tuning, and Kirk Swensen from Nukabe Automotive. Check out the posts and the pictures, and be sure to check back tomorrow, because this is just the beginning…