OTC Racing: About Our Team

OTC Racing: About Our Team


Although relative newcomers to the world of motorsport, OTC Racing have enjoyed rapid success and have earned the reputation as a team to be reckoned with on any Sunday.

OTC Racing is a family affair, consisting of Driver Tasso Koch, Codriver Abby Koch, Team Principal Boo (a chihuahua), and Team Engineer Ramon (also a chihuahua).

The team had modest beginnings. In 2014, Tasso was looking for a fun daily driver for his commute to work which consisted of winding mountain roads in the foothills of Colorado. He bought a 2004 Subaru WRX from a couple that was active with SCCA Rallycross in the region. They made sure Tasso promised to come to an event, and after giving motorsports a shot, he was hooked.

Abby was a slightly less enthusiastic participant at first, preferring to spend her summers hiking amongst the Rocky Mountains and deserts of the southwest. Her competitive nature however could not be kept under wraps, and she soon found herself an integral part of the team.

Now after three years of hill climbs and with two attempts at stage rally under their belt the team have a resume full of highlights. In addition to a pair of regional Open Class podiums with Rally America, they are two time class champions with the CHCA. Additionally, in those three years, they have seven hill climb wins, finishing off the podium only twice.

Looking to the future, the team would like to continue to gain speed at the hill climbs. Although successful in its class, they have so far been unable to win a hill climb overall against the unlimited, open-wheeled cars of the exhibition class. Currently in the midst of preparations for the 2019 season, the team plans to make a run at overall victory with updates to turbocharging and cooling packages.

The team would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations, for without their passion for motorsport, not only would OTC Racing suffer, but the racing community as a whole:

Scott, Jon, Scotty, Viet, and everyone else at Flatirons Tuning and Flatirons Subaru
Zach at ZF Design
Briant at Boost'd Scoops Motorsports
Harvey at The Boost Creep LTD
All the folks but especially Scott, Ryan, and Grant at Rally.Build
Bret at Tactical RX and Sports Optical
Matt at Motul USA