Reflect-A-GOLD Heat Reflective Tape

Reflect-A-GOLD - Heat Reflective Tape



For twenty years now Design Engineering, Inc.™ has been known for producing exceptional quality heat control products primarily sold through the performance distribution system. But there's another facet of our business that we specialize in - working with other customers to help solve their heat and sound control problems.

Reflect-A-GOLD - Heat Reflective Tape

Reflect-A-GOLD is a metalized polyamide polymer laminated glass cloth with a high temperature pressure sensitive adhesive for use in extreme temperature swing environments. It is lightweight and easy to apply and remove.

Highly effective material for firewalls, fuel cells, engine covers, under hoods, engine compartment, bulk heads, seat bottoms “ anything or area that needs protection from heat.

For firewalls, bulkheads, engine covers, floors, seat bottoms & moreCapable of handling continual temperatures up to 850°FResists UV degradation for long-term performanceVirtually NO clearance neededAdhesive protected by a release liner rated up to 325°FLight weight and flexible-Trim to size

  • #010391 - 12" X 12"
  • #010392 - 12" X 24"

DEI Reflect-A-Cool

How much heat can Reflect-A-Cool withstand?
Reflect-A-Cool primary purpose is to serve as heat barrier against radiant heat up to 2000°F. Should the need arise it can withstand nearly 400°F of direct continuous heat.
How is Reflect-A-Cool applied to surfaces?
When installing Reflect-A-Cool be sure the aluminum side faces the heat source. The self adhesive backing will stick to nearly any smooth surface and can be easily trimmed for fitment.
Can Reflect-A-Cool be purchased in other sizes?
Currently there are 3 standard sizes, 48" x 36" (PN # 010412), 12" x 24" (PN # 010461), or 12" x 12" (PN # 010460). Bulk is available in 48" widths. If the standard sheet sizes of Reflect-A-Cool is more than what is required, DEI Cool Tape is constructed from the same material and can be used for the same purpose.
What are some common uses for Reflect-A-Cool ?
Reflect-A-Cool is an excellent heat deflector and can be used on firewalls, marine engine bays, RV style "Dog Houses" and in a racecar tub where typical mechanical fasteners cannot be used.
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