Flatirons Tuning Race Team

One of the unique things about Flatirons Tuning, and that sets Flatirons Tuning apart is our years of experience driving at the track, and racing in Rally, and running the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

In 2004, we began running a 2002 WRX Rally Car with Driver Tanner Foust and Co-Driver Scott Crouch. Our Rally Team was able to start building a successful run with multiple class wins, and we actually won the 2005 Rally America National Championship in the PGT Class, and Tanner and Scott finished 2nd in the overall championship in 2006.

Flatirons Tuning Rally Team Tanner Foust Scott Crouch

In 2007, Stephan Verdier stepped into the Driver's seat with Scott Crouch as Co-Driver. The team continued to class wins, and we continued to have a lot of success in Rally America with a newly built 2004 WRX Rally car through the 2009 season, which would be the last full Rally America season that we would run.

In 2010, Scott Crouch moved into the Driver's seat, and began driving the Flatirons Tuning Rally Car on a limited basis, but had solid results in our home rally, Rally Colorado. Even though we are not running in Rally America full time, Scott tries to bring the Flatirons Tuning Rally Car out to at least one event a year.

After taking a few years off from full competition, Scott set his sights on a new challenge. The Pikes Peak international Hill Climb. For the first 2 years, we ran our 2004 WRX Rally car with some modifications, and with modest results. But starting in 2014, we began to run our 2014 WRX Pikes Peak race car that was purpose built to compete in the challenging environment of Pikes Peak, and we have now added 3 top-ten finishes in Time Attack 1 at Pikes Peak to our list of racing accomplishments.

Flatirons Tuning Scott Crouch Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2012

Flatirons Tuning Scott Crouch Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2012

At present, working on and developing the Pikes Peak car has been the focus of the Flatirons Tuning Race Team, but there will always try to run a Rally event when we can.

In addition to all of our professional experience, Flatirons Tuning is staffed by Subaru/Driving enthusiast who also like to take their personal cars to the track. So if you see a car with one of our stickers on it at the track, it might be one of the crew.

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