Meet Our Crew

Scott Crouch

Scott Crouch has worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years, most of those with Flatirons Imports. He is currently a partner at Flatirons Acura and Subaru, as well as being one of the main driving forces behind the Flatirons Tuning performance division.

In 2001 Subaru released the WRX here in the US, and it became quickly apparent that the car had huge performance potential. Working at a Subaru Dealership gave Scott the unique opportunity to see first hand both the potential of this car, and the enthusiasm that Subaru owners had for the newly available WRX. Not wanting to miss out on this opportunity, Scott worked with the head of the parts department, Gary Raymer, and Flatirons Tuning was born.

One of the keys to the WRX’s success is its rally heritage. Subaru used their experience competing in the World Rally Championship to develop the cars engine, chassis, suspension, and drivetrain. Subaru’s experience and success is clearly evident when you look over the WRX/STI. Even a stock WRX can be a very competitive rally car with just a little tweaking. In 2003, Scott teamed up with Tanner Faust, who was also an employee of Flatirons Imports, and they started competing in some SCCA rally’s with a 2002 WRX in the Production GT class.

Scott and Tanner had a reasonable amount of success running a few events in 2003 with Tanner as the driver, and Scott as the Co-Driver, and this became the Flatirons Rally Team. In 2005, the Flatirons Rally Team continued to build on their success, and competed in a full season in the newly formed Rally America series. At the end of the year when the dust settled, Scott and Tanner were the Production GT class national champions.

In 2006 Scott and Tanner again campaigned in Rally America and were also invited to compete in the inaugural Rally Event at the 2006 X-Games. After 2006, Tanner formed the Rock Star Rally Team and began competing in the D1-Grand Prix, but Scott continued on with the Flatirons Rally team, now with Stephan Verdier in the drivers seat.

To date, Scott has competed in over 35 rally’s and has Co-Driven for Tanner Faust, Stephan Verdier, Pat Moro, and Lachlan O’Sullivan. While doing so, he has taken multiple overall class win’s in the PGT class, and even a few overall podiums through the years, establishing the Flatirons Rally team as one of the front runners in the Rally America series.

For the 2009 season, Scott and the Flatirons Rally Team took some well-deserved time off. Instead of competing in a national series, Scott was instrumental in creating a new partnership with the newly formed Colorado Rally Cup which. At the end of the year, Scott stepped into the drivers seat himself, and drove the Flatirons #429 in the Colorado Rally in Steamboat Colorado. The Flatirons Rally team has always been a key part of Flatirons Tuning, and will continue to be in the future.

Jon Cooley

Jon Cooley is a Colorado native, and has lived here all his life, short of a few months in Los Angeles. He started developing his interest in cars at an early age helping his father work on his vintage Volvo P 1800 coupe. His first few car’s were an Audi 4000, and a Honda Accord Hatchback. They weren’t much in terms of performance, but once he graduated from the University of Colorado with degrees in Film Studies and Mathematics, he was able to purchase a 1985.5 Porsche 944, and his interest in cars and driving was now on the forefront.

Jon then moved on to a Saab 900 SE 2.0 liter turbo that he modified slightly with an intake and exhaust, and from this point on, the turbo bug was firmly planted. In 2002, one of his neighbors brought home a new Subaru WRX, and after a ride in that, Jon was set on getting one of his own. In 2003, Jon brought home his first WRX, a white 2002 Wagon. He began modifying that car, and got involved with the local Subaru community. He even decided to put on a track day himself, which was one of the first in the area.

After tinkering with the exhaust and suspension of his WRX and taking it to the track a few more times, he caught wind of an SR20 DET swapped S13 Silvia, and decided that he wanted to get back to a rear wheel drive car. So he sold the WRX, and started driving the Silvia for a couple of years. It was definitely fun while it lasted, but after realizing that a turbo sports car wasn’t that much fun in the snow if it isn’t all-wheel drive, he started to miss his WRX.

In late 2005, he began working at Flatirons Tuning in Boulder, Colorado, and shortly there after, tracked down a Sonic Yellow 2003 WRX wagon, and immediately began modifying it. In fact, it quickly became the Flatirons Tuning Project car, and he is constantly testing out new parts, and taking it out to the track.

Currently, Jon heads up Flatirons Tuning, and helps out with the Flatirons Tuning Rally Car. In an effort to help other Subaru enthusiasts have a good resource of information to modify their car, Jon created the Flatirons Tuning Project Car blog, and the Flatirons Tuning FAQ Blog. Jon has also run a number of track days put on by Flatirons Tuning with the help of Subaru and Go 4 It Racing School.

In his free time, Jon took EFI-101 about a year ago, and has done a lot of research and testing with suspension set-ups for the track, and might even be racing himself in the near future.

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