Supertech EJ20/EJ25 Turbo Valves

We apply more than 30 years of experience in the development of each and every Supertech racing valve we sell. Combine this experience with state of the art equipment such as ultrasonic tests, x-rays, laser measurement equipment, and applications like computerized Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and it is no wonder why supertech has some of the best performance products on the market.

While this is more than most manufacturers we dont stop there. We also do extensive testing working very closely with many of today's top engine builders in order to continuously improve our products. All of this is meant to insure Supertech's industry leading reputation for high flow rates, durability and uncompromising quality.

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Supertech EJ20/EJ25 Turbo Valves
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SIVN-1010: Intake 36mm STD - Black Nitrided
Our Price: $151.92
SIVN-1012: Intake 36.5mm +.5mm - Black Nitrided
Our Price: $151.92
SIVN-1014: Intake 37mm +1mm - Black Nitrided
Our Price: $155.28
SEVI-1010: Exhaust 32mm STD - Inconel
Our Price: $213.60
SEVI-1012: Exhaust 32.5mm +.5mm - Inconel
Our Price: $218.40
SEVI-1014: Exhaust 33mm +1mm - Inconel
Our Price: $213.60

Production of our racing valves begins with a one piece forging, where the head of the valve is forged under a slow two step process to keep a good material grain flow. The forging is then CNC machined in several steps to ensure the precision of the final dimensions. We then do another heat treatment for stress relieving followed by a nitride hardening treatment (or coating process depending on the application). Lastly, we do one more grinding, followed by our patented Superfinishing of the surface to ensure that each valve is free of any imperfections and the dimensions are precise.


Our valves are not finished from generic blanks rather they are specifically designed for each and every application. We work relentlessly, testing and researching every aspect of trying to improve the airflow of our designs.


With every valve design, we strive to maximize durability through higher fatigue resistance and tensile strength. Each valve tip is hardened beyond 52HRc. 


Its unlikely you will find any of our competitors valves with stricter dimensional tolerances than our Supertech valves. Combine that with finished seats with an equally strict run out tolerances and you wont find a better sealing, better performing and easier to install solution anywhere!


In 2006 we introduced our stem Superfinishing as a standard addition to all of our valves and provided it at no additional cost. When our Superfinish is combined with our Black Nitrided valve it reduces the surface roughness to 1/3 of our chrome coated valve. The end result unsurpassed performance and durability.


Optimum high flow rates are achieved by ensuring that our valves are manufactured with the best angles for each application. We consider back cut, undercut and valve head angles for each application to produce the optimum high flow rates for each application

warning_symbolWARNING: Operating, servicing and maintaining a passenger vehicle or off-road vehicle can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust, carbon monoxide, phthalates, and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. To minimize exposure, avoid breathing exhaust, do not idle the engine except as necessary, service your vehicle in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves or wash your hands frequently when servicing your vehicle. For more information go to

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